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Introduction to domain registrar:

What is DNS Records

common dns records type

Common DNS Records Type

What is DNS Records

Zone files, also known as DNS records, are instructions that reside on authoritative DNS servers and offer details about a domain, such as the IP address that it is associated with and how to respond to requests for that domain.

Name Server

Name servers and DNS records are related but distinct concepts. DNS stands for “domain name system,” and DNS records contain data on which IP addresses correspond to which domains. DNS records serve as the catalogue for name servers, which are like libraries.

How to Set Up Name Servers

A shared hosting server with numerous spammy websites on it can harm the reputation of your website. Additionally, sharing may result in a slower-loading website and increased downtime.

Common DNS Records

  • A record.
  • AAAA record.
  • CNAME record.
  • Nameserver (NS) record.
  • Mail exchange (MX) record.


Google Search Console Domain Verification

dns records in registrar google site verification txt 1

Best Domain Registrars

A Record

The most significant sort of DNS record is an A record. Address is denoted by the letter “A” in “A record.”

AAAA Record

Since IPV6 provides more IP addresses than IPV4, it is an improvement over IPV4. The problem of running out of unique IP addresses is thereby resolved with IPV6.
Running many subdomains on the same server for various purposes is a real-world example of how to use CNAME records. For instance, we can serve webpages via and use for file transfer protocol (FTP).

Nameserver (NS) record

Nameserver (NS) records, which could be in the form of and, specify the authoritative DNS server for a domain.

Mail exchange (MX) record

A DNS record type called Mail Exchange (MX) record indicates where emails for a domain should be forwarded to.

TXT record

The record type TXT, which stands for “text,” enables the owner of a domain to store text data in the DNS. This record is used by many services to confirm who owns a domain.

Most commonly used in SEO is the Google Search Console Domain Verification

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A company that manages both the assignment of IP addresses and the reservation of domain names is known as a domain name registrar. Alphanumeric aliases known as domain names are used to access websites; as an illustration, Google’s IP address is 192.168 and their domain name is

Domain Registrar simply facilitates adding various DNS records type, including hosting and Google Search Console verification file. Therefore, the domain registrar cannot and will not affect the SEO of a web property, which is the answer to your query.

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