Google Sitelinks | How to Influence Their Appearance

Sitelinks in Google
Gary Illyes
Gary Illyes

Gary Illyes of Google offers advice on how to use Google's best practices to outrank your rivals. He'll give you pointers on SEO and all things Google Search Algorithm.

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What is Google Sitelinks?

Sitelink in Google SERP for Singapore Top Telco M1

Sitelink in Google SERP for ”Singapore Top Telco M1”

Sitelinks are the extra links that show up on the SERP beneath the primary URL for a specific domain.

By highlighting the many sections of your website that might be of interest to users, these results are intended to make it easier for visitors to navigate your website.

Why Are Google Sitelinks Important in SEO

Sitelink in Google SERP Singapore for Alcohol Delivery

Sitelink in Google SERP Singapore for ”Alcohol Delivery”

Sitelinks increase your search engine results visibility. The extra links occupy more space and help distinguish your website from other search results, as can be seen in the Google Search for ”Alcohol Delivery” in Singapore, where the top result including sitelinks, which also potentially improves Click-Through-Rates, as users can directly click to relevant pages.

By using sitelinks, you may assist people in finding material more quickly.

Sitelink Search Box

Users can search and hop right to the search results of a website or app using a sitelinks search box.

This is automatically inserted by Google and only appears for brand-related terms.

It’s not necessary and doesn’t increase the likelihood that a sitelinks search box will appear in search results, but adding the structured data for a sitelinks search box to your homepage can help users understand your site better.

Best SEO Practice for Sitelinks

Sitelink in Google SERP Singapore for Alcohol Delivery 1

Example of sitelink ‘’1-Liner’’

SEO Best Practice for Sitelink Include:


  1. Make sure the content you choose for page headers and headings is concise, pertinent, and instructive
  2. Make sure to link to your vital pages from other pertinent pages, and design a logical site structure that is simple for users to traverse.
  3. Make sure the anchor text for your internal links is clear and pertinent to the page they are leading to.
  4. Don’t use repititions in your content writing.

What Are Sitelinks Influenced By:


  • linking internally. Sitelinks are influenced by the anchor text used and how your pages link to other pages.
  • Noindex. Pages that are noindexed will no longer appear in sitelinks.
  • relevancy and usefulness. Consider many ideas that benefit consumers and deliver important and relevant results:
  • Hreflang. Hreflang tags can assist Google in displaying pertinent sitelinks based on choices for language and country
  • Table of contents and headings.
    The contents of many one-line sitelinks are identical to the page titles.
  • What people look for (Possibly).
  • user feedback (Possibly) Click data

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To get SEO SiteLinks: 

Make sure the name of your website is distinctive.
Structured data should be added to your website.
Make sure the structure and information architecture of your website are crystal obvious.
Obtain the top position in search results for your brand name.
Build internal links, provide a sitemap, and so on.
Validate your page titles thoroughly.
increase brand recognition.

Although you cannot directly alter Google sitelinks, this does not imply you are helpless. Although the appearance of organic sitelinks are determined by Google, you can optimise your content to follow Google’s best practises and affect the placement of sitelinks.

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