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Gary Illyes
Gary Illyes

Gary Illyes of Google offers advice on how to use Google's best practices to outrank your rivals. He'll give you pointers on SEO and all things Google Search Algorithm.

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common dns records type

Common DNS Records Type

The Importance of Understanding SEO strategy and SEO Conversion. A lot of the tactics in SEO generally come from short-term thinking. I get it. But many people don’t really understand the mechanics of marketing, so all they want is performance marketing. This is why Google is very wealthy and why there is an obsession with marketing ROI. With SEO, there are 2 core tactics. High traffic or high conversion. High conversion SEO generally focuses on a website’s home, product or services page. This is very powerful because it increases a businesses purchase availability. And I’ve seen businesses make a small fortune by ranking on page 1 for their core terms. But it can be quite competitive and challenging to rank a business on the first page of Google for money keywords. The second type of SEO is high traffic. High-traffic SEO increases the mental availability of a business. The goal is relatively simple: get as much share of search as possible, and rank for as many relevant terms as possible. Mental impact and brand remembrance are the keys to success. But make no mistake, unless you’re only targeting a local geographical customer base, you’ll need both. This is why PPC works so well in combination with SEO. People get annoyed at SEO when the tactics are to go after those hard-to-rank buyer/ head keyword terms with an insufficient budget to do the job. Not much seems to happen. Movement comes at a snail’s pace, and frustration can build. This is why, in many ways, distributing the budget to both SEO tactics makes sense. You get traction and traffic, and this can also fuel links while, at the same time, making slow progress to the money keywords. Or in other words, you build mental availability through SEO, while making efforts to build purchase availability through the SERP. Make no mistake. Incorrect strategy is why most SEO campaigns fail. It’s never a one size fits all approach. SEO strategy requires intellectual labour. And that’s largely what you get when you hire good SEO’s. It’s not only what they know to do. It’s what they know they shouldn’t do. Choose your agency wisely.

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Best Domain Registrars


A company that manages both the assignment of IP addresses and the reservation of domain names is known as a domain name registrar. Alphanumeric aliases known as domain names are used to access websites; as an illustration, Google’s IP address is 192.168 and their domain name is

Domain Registrar simply facilitates adding various DNS records type, including hosting and Google Search Console verification file. Therefore, the domain registrar cannot and will not affect the SEO of a web property, which is the answer to your query.