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Gary Illyes

Gary Illyes of Google offers advice on how to use Google's best practices to outrank your rivals. He'll give you pointers on SEO and all things Google Search Algorithm.

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What is A Directory Listing in SEO?

A directory listing is a listing for your local business that provides your NAP (name, address, and phone number) plus a few additional details that may be crucial to the success of your local SEO.

Importance of Singapore business listings

Establishing NAP for SEO

Building and maintaining an accurate and authentically local set of citations is essential for local SEO. Citation building is beneficial for Google.

To learn more about a company, Google will consult directories and websites that list local businesses. You are more likely to be seen by Google as an authoritative site if your vital company information is constantly and accurately listed online.

Establishing Local Relavance

Singaporean local business entrepreneurs want to utilise genuinely regional citation sources.

While having a listing on a popular local website might help SMBs and multi-location companies obtain more local authority, sites with high domain authority are still valuable.

That results from obtaining listings on genuinely local websites, such as occasion websites, community clubs and organisations, hyper-local directories, and other specialised websites.



Local Citations for SEO

Any online reference to the name, address, and phone number of your company is a local citation. Many SEO experts think they have a significant role in local SEO rankings. Citations can be found everywhere people might go for information about local companies, including business directories and social media platforms.

Best Singapore Directory Listings for SEO

Directory Listing in SingaporeWebsite Details
sg.enrollbusiness.comA business and service directory can be found online at enrollbusiness.com. By making your business searchable by well-known search engines, it helps you broaden your business horizons. You may easily and for free create a business profile. Thousands of potential clients will have access to your Business profile after it has been built.
hotfrog.sgSince Hotfrog was acquired by Locafy but continues to operate under the name Hotfrog Pty Ltd, it is now a standalone business seeking strategic partners in the data and advertising sectors.

The business serves 69 million businesses in 44 nations by assisting them in expanding their consumer bases.

An SME can use a Hotfrog profile to generate demand for their products or services. The benefits to SEO are enormous, and Hotfog helps highlight what makes the client’s goods and services unique.
singapore-business-directory.com A Singapore based business directory website
yps.com.sgAn innovative way for small and medium-sized businesses to reach the market is through Yellow Pages SME. Local businesses, from start-ups to seasoned veterans, will appreciate the options we have to offer as a digital solution under the aegis of Yellow Pages Singularity Pte. Ltd., a digital arm for the regional Yellow Pages brand.
http://singapore-companies-directory.com/Singapore Companies Directory have made an effort to build the most complete and up-to-date database of Singapore Companies, including names of foreign-owned companies in Singapore. In order to market to enterprises and companies in Singapore, we use this information as a useful directory and marketing tool.
http://singapore.angloinfo.com/Our focus at Angloinfo is serving the requirements of expats, no matter where you are in the world.
The majority of us are or have been expats, so we are familiar with the exhilarating highs and trying lows of expat life. Our goal is to make relocating to and settling into a new area, anywhere in the world that may be, for your expat adventure as easy as possible.
http://www.singaporeadvice.com/SingaporeAdvice.com is a business directory for Singapore that offers consumers in-depth information while also giving businesses sales leads.

Due of SingaporeAdvice’s popularity, all businesses in Singapore are able to establish a thorough online presence to promote their goods and services. When choosing a service provider, these profiles assist customers in making educated decisions.
http://webpages.streetdirectory.com/A web mapping service called Streetdirectory.com was established in 2000 by Singapore-based Virtual Map.
http://www.tuugo.sg/Our goal at Tuugo is to create a network of connected businesses and consumers to meet everyone’s requirements and foster closer relationships between them. Tuugo is a global search engine that connects businesses and consumers. It has offices across the world.
https://www.opendi.sg/You can list your company for free in the Opendi global business directory. Adding your company to Opendi could make it easier for customers to find you online.
https://singapore.yalwa.sg/The Yalwa Business Directory is a fantastic resource for locals who want details on nearby establishments in their district, region, or city. Users of Yalwa can utilise the search bar at the top of the page to look up businesses by name and view only the most pertinent business listings.
https://sg.simapages.comSimapages.com is a platform for regional online business information that offers complete business data. It is a location where you can grow your business network and go worldwide with your operations.

Simapages provides in-depth insight and analysis about businesses, including large corporations, small and large international firms, as well as the sectors and individuals that shape the market economy. In partnership with Simapages, we gave you the assurance that you could locate and connect with the appropriate parties in the appropriate locations to conduct business.
https://www.yoys.sg/Established in 1967, Global Yellow Pages (GYP) Limited was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2004. It continues to be Singapore’s largest publisher of consumer and business directories and offers classified directory advertising for both online and print.
bigreddirectory.comModern artificial intelligence is used by Big Red Directory to automatically update its own contents. It searches the internet all day and all night for fresh information to add to its own database, including business hours, addresses, and phone numbers.
singaporeexpats.comFor foreign nationals residing in or moving to Singapore, Singapore Expats provides a one-stop residential Singapore property guide, rental method, and information directory.
where2go.comInitially, Flexible Logic planned to use the Where2Go® search engine as a tech showcase for its intelligent server technology. Early in 1995, one of the earliest database-driven intelligent websites, Where2Go.com, went online.

Where2go was created to meet the demands of customers looking for a company or product online. The inherent issues with text-based searching are all too well known to anyone who uses a traditional search engine. In most cases, the user is inundated with hundreds of thousands or even millions of results. Simply put, it is impractical to search among these to locate what one is looking for.
sheryna.sgSheryna.sg is an easy and practical way to find and post free online classified advertising for any person or business, to sell goods and services. A small group of individuals who share a love of the internet and a desire to help others came together to start Sheryna.sg.

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Because they: Give potential customers useful information about your business, local listings are crucial for SEO. Boost the local search visibility of your company. Boost your chances of dominating your neighbourhood rivals.

A directory is a website where you may add the URL of your website to get backlinks. Yellow Pages and Yelp are two instances of well-known directories from which you might obtain backlinks. Backlinks are a significant ranking factor that Google uses, as we all know.

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